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No April Foolin’

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If you’ve been following the ObamaCare act, you’re well aware that yesterday was the official enrollment deadline for affordable healthcare. Effective today, if you don’t have health insurance, you could be facing a tax penalty – and no, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke.

Many companies have appealed all or portions of the new healthcare act.  Hobby Lobby in particular has had a long run of appeals with the ObamaCare act. The company, along with others, risks millions in fines after refusing to comply with the mandate on contraception coverage for its employees. Even though other for-profit’s have won in their fight against ObamaCare’s contraception mandate, it was stated that the owner of Hobby Lobby failed to present a clear enough case as to how emergency birth control would hurt the company.

Hobby Lobby is a faith-based organization whose doors are closed on Sundays in support of their religious beliefs. Mandating contraception coverage is not too dissimilar to telling the company that they are mandated to open their doors on Sundays. We believe that companies in the United States should have the right to choose their operating hours and the type of insurance coverage available for its employees.

We support Hobby Lobby and others in their fight against unreasonable mandates within the ObamaCare act.


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